Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honda's Automated Unicycle

Not since the Segway has personal mobility been revolutionized. That is, until Honda revealed its experimental U3-X device. The compact gadget fits between the rider's legs and provides free movement in any human direction through basic leaning and shifting of body weight.


So what about this photo is shopped, exactly? Essentially everything because it isn't really a photograph. This image is actually a digital painting created by Bert Monroy. The scene was entirely recreated from scratch using only Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and took Monroy nearly one year complete.

Other details:

• The image size is 40 inches by 120 inches.
• The flattened file weighs in at 1.7 Gigabytes.
• It took eleven months (close to 2,000 hours) to create.
• The painting is comprised of close to fifty individual Photoshop files.
• Over 500 alpha channels were used for various effects.
• Over 250,000 paths make up the multitude of shapes throughout the scene.
• Taking a cumulative total of all the files, the overall image contains over 15,000 layers.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Epileptic Video Art

Eric Wareheim is not an unfamiliar name to television viewers. However, many have no idea that he is also a talented video artist. Like Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham, Eric has been approached by numerous musical artists to produce music videos. Due to his unique visual style, Eric's videos are often simultaneously disturbing and entrancing.

Flying Lotus - "Parisian Goldfish"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sea Creatures Get New Life With Fresh Air

Often resembling arthropods and crustaceans, Jason Hackenwerth's balloon sculptures are more complex than a cheap party trick. Using ordinary balloons, he twists and ties several layers of balloons to form these temporary pieces of art that are dazzling and occasionally interactive.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liquid Construction

The newest addition to the Chicago skyline is the Aqua tower. Designed by Loewenberg Architects and Studio/Gang/Architects, this piece of construction is unusually complicated. To achieve the ripple effect, each floor plate was uniquely constructed meaning that each unit is different from the next. The most interesting feature is that Aqua truly resembles waves while cast against the clear blue sky.

Disposable Art

Cheeming Boey is not your typical artist. But then again, what self-respecting artist would admit to such a claim. Unlike traditional artisans who favor more conventional canvases and mediums, Boey creates his masterpieces with nothing more than a Sharpie and a Styrofoam cup. The idea seems so simple, but the results are more stunning than one would imagine. Now that latte will feel like a bargain at $5.45.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cloud Crashing

True to its name, "Cloud" is a sofa concept that not only looks the part, but also makes you feel like you are weightless. Designed by D.K. & Wei, the sofa is magnetically supported by the lower base causing the upper cloudy cushion to float free on its own.

Sound-Proof Chair?

Though designed for visual rather than aural purposes, Rethink's Foam Chair screams innovation. The chair was designed by Anna Gukov and Amanda Huynh (Emily Carr Industrial Design) using sound insulation foam that is good enough to top your mattress.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

▓ notepod ↨ pɐdǝʇou ▓

The Notepod is nothing more than a novelty pad of paper parodying the design of the iPod...but I want one anyway. The design was crafted in collaborative part by Jacky Winter and Inventive Labs. Though aesthetically humorous, this pad holds nothing more than perhaps your song lyrics.

High Efficiency Dryer

The Wallfix is not your typical home appliance. In fact, it's not even electrical.

Brabantia's mountable fold-away drying rack is a noteworthy model of practical design. The compact rack looks very much like an inverted umbrella and encompasses the same mechanics. However, this device is only necessary after you get caught in the rain.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mobile Home On Heels

Nate Bastien has quite possibly created the ultimate survival kit.

Collaborating with Timberland, Bastien developed the Street Pack; a functional and affordable bag made entirely of recycled materials. Other than storage, the bag features many amenities such as a thermal blanket and the pack itself even doubles as a pillow.

The spruced up pack is intended to aid individuals in need, and is therefore seen as a valuable asset to the homeless inhabitants of any community.

Wall-Mounted Daybeds (For Cats)

Whether you're a cat or dog lover, you must admit that these wall perches are pretty cool. Not only would pets have the pleasure of lounging in its own bed, but owners would have the delight of admiring some new live pieces of wall art.

Art In A Can

No, I'm not referring to spray paint. These art sculptures were actually constructed by carefully arranging canned goods to form something much more than what you would typically find in a grocery store.

This Bike Is Off-The-Chain!

Though only a concept, this bicycle from the mind of Bradford Waugh is more than just a piece of eye-candy. The "Nulla," meaning "nothing" in Italian, is attractive because of its minimalistic design. Specifically, the bike lacks central hubs and chain-drives that are common to other functioning bicycles. As a result, the Nulla does not currently exist in a physical form. However, many promising skeptics have already begun to see if they could make Waugh's concept a reality.

Monday, September 14, 2009

[Mix]ed Up [Tape] Art

Many categorize film and music as art forms of their own. However, iri5 (Erika Iris Simmons) has redefined the concept and applied a literal sense to it. Specifically, she takes an archaic medium, such as cassette tapes, and refurbishes them to procure a result that is both profound and gaudily nostalgic. Who knows? iri5 just may be the new face of neo-pop.

You've Got A Little Something In Your Design...

Stan Munro doesn't necessarily have a degree in architecture. However, he has managed to construct replicas of some of the most stunning modern structures known across the world...out of toothpicks. All of his models involve a great deal of complexity and are built on a 1:164 scale. Munro's remarkable attention to detail has even earned his collection, Toothpick City I: History of Skyscrapers, a permanent display at the House of Katmandu in Mallorca, Spain.

St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Design Brings All The Boys To The 'Yard'

Ellerbe Becket and Shop Architects have joined forces to develop a design for a basketball arena that will potentially reside in Brooklyn (should it earn city approval). Known as the "Atlantic Yards" project, the arena is not only visually striking, but also possesses some practical features that will appeal to the general public. The structure itself is exteriorly woven out of weathered-steel panels which create openings on the surface; permitting light to radiate through. The openings are also oriented at sidewalk level so pedestrians have the ability to peek through and spectate on events that are occurring within.

Staple Scrapers

Similar to the riveting architecture of metropolitan skylines, Peter Root has taken on the modern marvels and has miniaturized them in staple form.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Next Chapter In Design

Livraria da Vila is a bookstore located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Constructed by local architect Isay Weinfeld, the bookstore is a multi-level facility exhibiting impressive structural design. Aside from its copious geometrical elements, the most alluring feature is the stores swiveling bookshelf entry way.

Blueprint Layout

Polishing Up Newspapers [Poh•lish] Style

Jacek Utko is an art director from Poland, but is better known for revolutionizing the way newspapers are designed and printed.

Utko was twice credited by the
Society for News Design with the "World’s Best Designed Newspaper" in the largest international design competition.

Utko believes that the key to "redesign" lies in changing the whole product through concept, strategy,and design. Perhaps newspapers can be salvaged after all?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Words • Mots • शब्दों • 言葉

English French Hindi Japanese
glasses • lunettes • चश्मा (chashma) • 眼鏡 (megane)
sunsoleilसूरज (sooraj)太陽 (taiyou)
shade ombre छाया (chhaaya)日陰 (hikage)
eyes yeux आँखों (aankhen)眼球 (gankyuu)
puzzle • puzzle • पहेली (paheli)パズル (pazuru)
lens lentilleशीशा (sheesha) レンズ (renzu)
frame cadreढाँचा (dhaancha) (waku)
protection sauvegarde रक्षा (rakshaa) 保護 (hogo)

Misplaced ╬ Misshaped

:: Rectangle :: Arc :: Sun ::

:: Rectangle
:: Arc :: Sun ::

:: Rectangle :: Arc :: Sun ::

Product Of Choice

Flat Pack Sunglasses by Guillaume Bordas
(some assembly required)

Step-by-Step Instructions